The products of the brands we represent are manufactured with the greatest care and precision to ensure trouble-free use. Of course, you may always experience an issue with your product for whatever reason. Then it is good to know, that the brands we represent are supported by warranty.

We always respect the minimum legal warranty requirements on product level within the countries we are active. For a number of brands we even offer extended Transcontinenta Group warranty after registration. The warranty period and warranty conditions vary per brand and within certain brands sometimes at product level. Before purchasing, by definition, always be well-informed about all aspects of the warranty guarantee. This prevents any unnecessary disappointments afterwards.

Your purchase address can inform you in detail about the warranty of our brands and products. In case you for whatever reason wish to invoke your warranty, then just as with the purchase, your purchase address is the first point of contact. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact us.

Warranty - Transcontinentagroup

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