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Our Core Values


We work together across borders to meet the needs of our brands and customers because we believe that together everyone achieves more and that the result of the whole is therefore greater than the sum of the individual parts.


We do our utmost in everything we do, and deliver results by never giving up. We hold ourselves more than accountable for all our activities and efforts and are personally responsible for the results and consequences of our actions.


We are entrepreneurial and therefore take risks, cross boundaries and experiment because we constantly innovate, improve and want to move forward as change is inevitable and must be embraced. We absolutely recognise that mistakes are human, and they are allowed to happen.



We strive to achieve our goals, results and achievements set by our brands. Our customers favour us because we are able to focus on what is most important and are very pragmatic in doing so.


We listen and ask questions to understand what drives and motivates our colleagues, customers and brands because we care about each other's well-being.


We consider constructive feedback to be crucial because it points out areas in the business that need to be addressed and allows employees to develop to their full potential. We use transparency in decision-making and information sharing to create a constructive and enjoyable working culture.


Winner’s mentality

We have a winner's mentality and go all in to be successful. We always aim higher, dream bigger and make it happen. We share and celebrate success. We are ambitious and confident that together we can achieve great results and be the best.


We represent our organisation and its core values to the outside world in how we appear, act and communicate so that others will recognise this as professional and pleasant.


We think it is important to have a sense of humour, and we like to laugh because it makes our work so much more enjoyable. We promote and create an environment where employees can think big, have fun and start each day with a smile on their face.


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